Veterans: Returning Home. Returning to School.

As the War in Iraq comes to a close and our soldiers return home in droves, veterans have a mixed blessings to look forward to in the coming year. As the job market continues to make a slow recovery, higher education offers a great opportunity for those looking to advance their career or seek a new path. According to a recent article in G.I. Jobs, a veteran-owned publication, service members have a “smorgasbord of higher education options”.

In the article titled, “Information Overload”, the process of selecting a college and earning a degree can be overwhelming to a returning veteran but worth the effort. Factors they are faced with include financial aid, school size, location, and academic major programs.

“By definition, veterans are non-traditional students,” states Elizabeth O’Herrin, associate director of the American Council on Education. “They are older than the typical [student] population. A lot of them have families to consider.” In addition, many service members are financially independent, meaning that they do not depend on parents or guardians for financial stability. Therefore many will be working, at least part time, while attempting to finish their undergraduate or graduate degree.

For help navigating the educational waters, veterans should consider contacting their on-base Education Support Office (ESO). The ESO counselors can help determine the degree type or civilian career field to pursue. Moreover, many colleges and universities are voluntarily ramping up their military education programs to accommodate those who have dedicated their lives and time to the United States.

Crown College Online Degree ProgramsCrown College, a regionally accredited, private Christian college, just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota, was recently honored with the status of Military Friendly School by G.I. Jobs for several reasons including:

  • Nationally ranked, online degree programs for Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Rated in the Top 10 Christian colleges and universities by
  • The College employs several faculty and staff members who have served active duty and/or currently serve in the reserves or Minnesota National Guard
  • A partnership with the University of Minnesota to offer ROTC programs
  • 215-acre campus, just west of Minneapolis provides a peaceful, secure setting for veterans returning from active duty
  • Crown College participates in the GI Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation, Tuition Assistance and Yellow Ribbon programs
  • Crown accepts military transcripts such as AARTS and SMART to evaluate toward course requirements, and the DD214 for Basic Training fulfills the Physical Education requirement
  • Crown accepts CLEP and DANTES testing.

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