A Biblical Foundation Paves the Way for a Fulfilling Career Path

Although the new year often ushers in hope for a brighter future, we continue to live in a time of great political and economic uncertainty. In these difficult times, a strong biblical foundation that allows students to experience the life-changing message of the Bible remains as important as ever.

Graduate theology and undergraduate ministry programs provide an excellent opportunity for Christians to establish a solid biblical foundation, positively influence and effectively serve. These programs seek to enhance students’ spiritual growth and provide guidance in choosing wise, fulfilling career paths.

Moody Theological Seminary offers several graduate theology programs, including a 30-hour Graduate Certificate of Biblical Studies program, which can be completed 100% online. The Moody Theological Seminary Graduate Certificate of Biblical Studies seeks to equip students with a broad biblical base and the necessary capabilities for ministry and personal growth.

There are many ways to achieve a fulfilling Christian career path, including serving in a leadership role within a church or an organization with strong Christian values. And you don’t need a graduate degree to get there. For those who have not yet earned a bachelor’s degree, there are also associate degrees and certificate programs offered in convenient, online formats.

Crown College offers an Associate’s in Christian Ministry entirely online. And Mid-America Christian University offers both an online bachelor’s in Christian Ministry as well as an online undergraduate Certificate of Worship Leadership.

Graduate and undergraduate ministry programs such as the ones listed above prepare students to answer God’s call to serve in a number of different ministries, including the following:

  • Pastor
  • Associate Pastor
  • Christian Education Director
  • Youth Pastor
  • Women’s Ministry Director
  • Bible Teacher
  • Bible Researcher
  • Missionary
  • Church Planter
  • Christian Service Organization Employee
  • Christian School Administrator
  • Chaplain
  • Relief Worker
  • Pastoral Counselor
  • Christian Camp Director

Students can put their knowledge and talents to use at any number of ministries or organizations that have a Christian mission and values.  One place to look is the Best Christian Workplaces list, published annually by the Best Christian Workplace Institute (BCWI).  The mission of the BCWI is to serve faith-based organizations by creating processes of discovery, facilitating organizational effectiveness, and encouraging practices that build healthy workplaces.

To compile the list, the BCWI analyzes factors including job satisfaction, Christian witness, teamwork and management.  As highlighted in the Christian Post, the Best Christian Workplaces of 2012 were recently announced, recognizing 22 organizations out of a pool of 67 certified organizations on the U.S. list.  To participate in the Best Christian Workplaces surveys, organizations must be a ministry or organization with a Christian mission, purpose, or goal statement and employ at least ten (10) full-time employees.

View the Best Christian Workplaces of 2012 –U.S.