North Park University students to spend year discussing the topic of community

When students decide to attend Christian colleges and universities, they are typically looking for a way to expand their knowledge as well as an opportunity to grow as a Christian. These schools typically provide a variety of ways individuals can accomplish both goals. For example, North Park University will focus its entire 2011-2012 academic year around the question, “What is community?”

Throughout the school year, students will have a wide variety of opportunities to reflect on this question through events, lectures and discussions. According to the school’s website, it is currently preparing for Robert D. Putnam, author of the book “Bowling Alone,” to visit the campus in February. Putnam has worked with leaders such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to analyze community in contemporary society. Therefore, he plans to bring his vast knowledge of the subject to his North Park audience.

Following the event featuring Putnam, students will have another opportunity to discuss what the term “community” means to them. On February 24, Michael Baxter, a professor of theology at Notre Dame, will visit the Christian university to offer his opinion on the subject. The school’s website states that Baxter specializes in examining the relationship between ethics, religion and history.

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