How to prepare for a Christian college fair

As students begin to research various Christian colleges and universities throughout the country, they may find it more helpful to attend a Christian college fair.

According to the National Christian College Fairs (NCCF) website, more than 100 Christian college fairs are scheduled to take place this year. These events typically take place in September, October and November, while some Florida fairs are held in the spring.

Whether students attend a Christian college fair or one of the large-scale events put on by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), the experience they have will be very similar. At a college fair, admission representatives from colleges and universities are available to talk to visitors at designated booths, according to the NACAC’s website. This allows students to pick these individuals’ brains about what life is like at their schools.

On its website, the NACAC provides several tips on attending college fairs that students can certainly apply to their Christian college fair experience. For instance, students should dedicate some time to thinking about the type of Christian university they would like to attend. How large is their ideal school? Is it located in a rural or urban setting? How far from home will it be, and does that matter?

In addition to coming up with a list of questions for admission representatives they will be speaking to, students should make sure they bring everything they need to a Christian college fair. As schools will be eager to provide brochures, course books and other materials, attendees should bring along a backpack or something else to carry everything in. These resources will play an essential role later on in figuring out what institution is right for them, so they definitely do not want to lose them.

Having a notebook handy will also help students keep track of their questions and provide them with a place to record the answers.

The NCCF website states that students do not have to register for the fairs, which are also free and open to the public. Attendees should know that there is no dress code for the event, but looking presentable never hurts.

After attending a Christian college fair, students should have a better understanding of what types of Christian universities exist and the kinds of programs they offer.

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