Gain Christian values in a Peace Corps program

When students are considering earning a master’s degree from Christian colleges and universities, they may search for unique opportunities that will not only help them develop their faith, but also assist them in paying for school. While there are several ways students can do both of these things, some choose one of two programs offered by the Peace Corps. This federal agency works to promote peace and goodwill around the world, as more than 200,000 volunteers have used the program to serve in 139 countries in the Peace Corps’ 52-year history.

One of the academic programs the Peace Corps offers is Master’s International. This opportunity provides Christian students with a unique chance to practice their religious values while gaining an extensive amount of knowledge in their chosen major. During the Master’s International course of study, students typically spend one year learning on campus, then spend the next two years working abroad in a Peace Corps-related program. At some schools, choosing to participate in this type of course is more affordable, as students can receive tuition waivers for the credits they earn in a foreign country. Additionally, they may be more likely to find scholarships for participating in a Peace Corps program.

The second option students have if they want to join the Peace Corps and earn a master’s degree is Fellows/USA. Under the program, individuals who have already served internationally in the Peace Corps are given scholarships or reduced tuition when they enroll in advanced degree programs if they agree to spend time additional volunteering within the U.S. Aside from reduced tuition costs, individuals may receive other benefits, such as paid employment opportunities and housing allowances. Currently, about 60 schools across the country participate in this program and offer these master’s degree students select benefits.

Regardless of which option students choose, opting to enroll in the Peace Corps can be a great opportunity. Not only will college be more affordable, but individuals get the unique experience of practicing their Christian values and helping disadvantaged people around the world. Frequently, this type of opportunity is life-changing, and can impact the way students live their lives, engage in the workforce and practice their religion. Additionally, the programs may provide a great way for students to meet other people who share their Christian faith.

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