Benefits of attending a military-friendly school

For individuals who are considering earning their degree from a Christian university, there are many choices available. However, one group of people that may benefit from attending this kind of academic institution are former military personnel.

Members of the armed forces often choose to put the skills they learned during their military careers to use in their academic lives. Many Christian colleges are particularly welcoming to armed forces personnel, as the habits they acquired in the military can reflect the values of Christian universities.

Christian universities often encourage committed, disciplined individuals who are serious about their studies and spiritual development. These values can be an ideal fit for many former armed forces personnel. Some members of the military even choose to begin their academic qualifications by earning partial credit at an online Christian university before their service is completed. This route can help servicemen and women earn their qualifications in less time. Certain military units, such as the Marines, can also earn college credit depending on their field of expertise.

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Service is a value shared by many Christian universities and military organizations. An individual’s experience in serving theirĀ  country can translate well to ministry opportunities available at faith-based schools, as both scenarios emphasize the importance of serving others. Such qualities can also be beneficial to students, as serving others can provide an individual with a great deal of perspective on their own lives and the value of helping others.

Some Christian colleges are accredited to offer special rates to military personnel and, occasionally, their spouses. If they are considering attending this kind of institution, they should ask their college admissions adviser or contact prospective universities directly to find out if they accept funding through the G.I. Bill, and the Yellow Ribbon Program if their spouse also wishes to study there.

Many former military personnel find that Christian colleges offer competitive tuition, a strong sense of community and the structure and personal discipline they have experienced during their service in the armed forces. With so many Christian colleges welcoming individuals from a military background, there is a world of opportunity awaiting motivated, dedicated students.

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