What does a doctor of ministry degree involve?

Individuals who are serious about their spiritual and professional development may be considering enrolling in a doctor of ministry degree program at an online Christian university. What does this qualification offer, and what can individuals who earn one do with it?

According to the Association of Theological Schools guidelines, in order to be eligible to study for a doctor of ministry degree, individuals must have completed a three-year qualification, usually a master of divinity. The doctor of ministry is the highest academic qualification that clergy can earn, and is the culmination of many years of study for people serious about advancing their knowledge of biblical principles and serving others.

The actual curricula of doctor of ministry degree programs will vary considerably from one online Christian college to another.

Some will follow a rigorous, established course of individual work, whereas others may offer a multidisciplinary approach. This can be a valuable experience for individuals experienced in church leadership and outreach programs, as it allows students to explore which areas of ministry they feel called to. If an online Christian college offers this kind of curriculum, students will often be required to complete a professional contribution project, which involves a demonstrated and critically evaluated act of ministry with tangible results.

Doctor of ministry degrees offered by some online Christian universities encourage creative interpretations of scripture and ways that students can help those in need through application of the Christian faith. Individuals enrolled in these programs can expect to delve deeper into the scriptural teachings of the Bible in order to gain a greater understanding of how faith can have a positive influence on individuals, communities and even countries.

This qualification is ideally suited to people already serving as pastors in a church, or those involved with serious outreach and missions work. A doctor of ministry degree from an online Christian university can help church officials to become more authoritative leaders, inspirational speakers and engage more deeply with their congregations and communities. Pursuing this kind of degree at an online Christian college allows those who are serious about advancing their knowledge of ministry to do so without sacrificing their vocational responsibilities within the church.

Focusing on practical applications of spiritual research, the doctor of ministry could be an ideal progression for individuals who seek to serve the Lord as effectively and knowledgeably as possible. Enrolling in an online Christian college could be an ideal way for committed individuals to explore God’s will for their lives while serving their local community.

Both Liberty University and Corban University School of Ministry offer Doctor of Ministry programs or learn moreĀ about seminary degree programs today.