Rankings matter more to colleges than students

When searching for a Christian university, looking at school rankings can certainly help, but they alone should not dictate which school students should enroll in.

This is due to the fact that when it comes to rankings, colleges and universities often obsess over them more than students, USA Today reported. For some institutions, the need to be considered a top school can even push some academic officials to provide inaccurate information.

For instance, the news source stated that a senior administrator at one college adjusted entrance exam scores by 10 to 20 points so that his school would rank higher. While this is definitely not the case with every college and university, there is a chance that some inaccurate information may slip through on these lists.

“It has more of an impact on colleges, presidents and trustees than it does on students,” Lloyd Thacker, founder of the Education Conservancy group, told the news outlet.

The Princeton Review reported that distilling a complex institution down to a single number does not tell students anything about academics, financial aid or life on campus. As a result, students who are searching for the right Christian college or university program, may want to focus less on finding a high-ranking school and instead identify one that best matches their personal views and professional and religious goals.

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