New legislation may benefit veterans in Alaska

Veterans who live in Alaska and wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a Christian university may soon receive some help, KTVA CBS 11 News Alaska reported.

The Alaska Senate recently passed Bill 150, which was introduced to help veterans make a smoother transition to civilian life and into the workforce, according to the news source. If the new legislation becomes law, the military training former service members received would be accepted by state boards and help expedite their path to a certificate or license.

In addition, The Associated Press reported that the bill would provide vocational or college credit in return for military service and training.

Should the bill become law, it will be good news for service members who have already, or will soon be returning to Alaska. In his recent State of the Union address, President Barack Obama announced that 10,000 troops have already returned from Afghanistan, with an additional 23,000 more set come home by the end of this summer.

As veterans readjust to civilian life back home, there may be no better way to prepare for their careers than to update their skill set through the degree programs offered at Christian colleges and universities.

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