An MBA prepares students for advanced business careers

As both large and small companies struggle to recover from the economic downturn, many organizations are taking a closer look at the actions that put them in their current positions. The business industry appears to be taking steps to weed out corruption and promote ethical practices. A good sign for those who wish to advance in this sector without forgetting their values by pursuing a Christian-focused master of business administration (MBA) degree.

Whether individuals have just graduated from Christian colleges with a bachelor’s degree in business or are returning to school after spending several years in the industry, earning an MBA can be a good way of enhancing their business credentials.

Explore Christian MBA degree programs now.

However, before students begin to investigate which types of MBA programs are available at on-campus and online Christian universities, they should consider whether this graduate degree is right for them. According to, a business and technology website, there are several benefits to earning this advanced business credential.

For instance, the news source stated that students who enroll in MBA programs learn how to think like a business professional. Through a series of courses, individuals acquire knowledge and skills that can be applied to virtually any problem they encounter in their careers.

MBA students also have a chance to build their professional network, which can only benefit them when it comes time to search for a job toward the end of their studies. Prospective business school applicants should keep in mind that their classmates could be any of the following: recent college graduates, veterans or individuals who have been working for several decades. No matter who is sitting in the next chair, they may be able to provide a mix of personal and professional advice.

Earning an MBA may also be a necessary step for students with long-term career goals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that many business professions require workers to hold a master’s degree. For instance, many top executives, such as presidents and chief executive officers, hold an MBA. Moreover, the BLS states that a number of companies prefer that their financial analysts have this advanced credential as well.

Once students are sure they want to pursue an MBA, they should see what types of programs Christian colleges and universities offer. The following schools listed on offer faith-based MBA programs throughout the country with a variety of concentrations:

Crown College, just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mid-America Christian University in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

North Park University in Chicago, Illinois

Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, Texas

University of the Southwest in Hobbs, New Mexico

Colorado Christian University in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas

Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas