Scholarships for students considering online Christian colleges

Deciding to enroll in an online Christian college is only the first step in an exciting journey of personal and spiritual development. For many students, especially those who have been out of the education system for a while, applying for financial aid can be an arduous and confusing process. However, there are many scholarships and merit-based financial aid programs available to students who are considering applying to online Christian universities.

There are many different financial aid packages available, depending on an individual’s denomination, gender, ethnic origin, financial background and choice of major. Some online Christian colleges offer their own scholarship programs, and others accept those operated by external organizations.

For example, Colorado Christian University’s online college operates the Partners Advancing the Kingdom Scholarship program. This initiative aims to enable students from church organizations across the country to enroll in courses of study at the university. Eligible students can receive up to $1,250 per year for four years under this scholarship program.

A variety of financial aid programs are offered by the Fund for Theological Education (FTE). The FTE has provided individuals who want to pursue a spiritual education the opportunity to do so since the 1950s, and offers a range of scholarships depending on an individual’s academic level and major. The FTE provides eligible students with funding for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral qualifications. Since its inception, the FTE has provided more than 6,000 individuals with fellowships, scholarships and grants to further their spiritual education.

Another organization that operates several financial aid programs for students who are considering enrolling at online Christian colleges is the Faith and Education Scholarship Fund. Eligible individuals must be a member of the Church of Christ. For students who qualify, the organization provides funding up to $5,000 toward a degree.

These are just a few of the scholarship programs available to individuals who are considering enrolling at an online Christian college. Students who are unsure of how to apply for these grants should discuss their concerns with an admissions professional at their prospective schools, or by contacting the awarding body directly.

Many organizations require that eligible recipients of scholarship funding maintain a minimum level of academic achievement – a grade point average of 2.5 is a common benchmark for many scholarship programs. Others require a certain level of ministry or commitment to service in order to remain eligible for further funding.

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