MBA graduates may face little job competition overseas

Many students who pursue a master of business administration (MBA) at Christian colleges and universities will begin their job search toward the end of their graduate studies. As the economy has seen better days, some of these individuals may find it hard to locate work in the U.S. As a result, they may want to turn their attention abroad.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek recently reported that for MBA graduates, there are many opportunities overseas and very little competition. In fact, there is a demand in countries such as Brazil, China, India and Russia for individuals who have completed graduate business programs.

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Ronald Rolph, a recent graduate of a U.S. MBA program, turned down a job offer from a private company when he found out he could work for the same organization in Santiago, Chile in a preferred role, the news source stated.

“Just because you go overseas initially does not mean you’re relegating yourself to working overseas for the rest of your career,” Rolph said.

In light of this news, Christian students who wish to spend part of their career working abroad may want to earn an MBA from a school that can meet their personal and educational expectations. For instance, North Park University in Chicago is just one institution that offers an online MBA, according to the school’s website.

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