Students advised to file their FAFSA form early

When searching for Christian colleges and universities, students who wish to lower the cost of their degree should consider filling out and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). While tuition assistance is not guaranteed to everyone who applies for it, CBS MoneyWatch recently highlighted a few strategies that parents of prospective college students can use to increase their chances of receiving financial aid.

First, the news source advised applicants to file their 2011 tax returns before they file the FAFSA for 2012. This will allow them to have actual figures available, as opposed to making estimates that can be too far off the mark.

Second, if parents have an interest in returning to school, then enrolling in a few classes while their children apply to Christian universities may also increase their son or daughter’s chances of receiving financial aid, the news outlet reported.

Third, parents and/or adult students should make sure the FAFSA has been filed as quickly as possible, since funds are distributed on a first-come basis.

And finally, those interested in applying for federal student financial aid should figure out when their state deadline is, as they vary. For instance, Connecticut’s is February 15, Missouri’s is April 2 and Massachusetts’ is May 1, according to the FAFSA website.

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