Week-long event prepares Liberty University students for missionary work

Students who wish to pursue ministry degrees at Christian colleges and universities should look into the types of activities offered at these schools, and how they can help prepare them for their future careers.

For instance, Missions Emphasis Week is currently underway at Liberty University, and will conclude on February 17, according to the Virginia-based school’s website. This six-day event, which is designed to prepare students for missionary work, is held each semester. However, this latest edition is considered to be the largest ever, as more than 130 representatives from 60 organizations will be on campus.

“We believe that this moment in history is the first time that we can actually foresee the completion of the Great Commission,” Johnnie Moore, campus pastor, told the website.

Missions Emphasis Week kicked off on February 12 with an orientation dinner and missionary meet and greet. Other events that will be held throughout the week include lunches with missionaries and seminars on topics such as media, aviation and the American Dream, as they relate to mission work.

With the knowledge and skills students gain through opportunities like Missions Emphasis Week, they can go on to participate in this type of work around the world. According to Global Ministries’ website, students can complete missionary work in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

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