How to identify ministry opportunities

For individuals graduating from Christian colleges and universities, it can be daunting trying to find ways in which to engage in ministry to others. Should students consider missions and outreach projects overseas, or working with a local church in the city? What about helping specific groups, or entire congregations? Although the Lord may show you how He wants you to serve, it can be useful for students of online Christian colleges to know where to look for ministry opportunities.

International Teams: A resource aimed at serious servants of God, this service offers committed graduates of online Christian colleges the chance to contact a variety of international relief and outreach organizations. Opportunities for ministry from around the world are listed, meaning that people can search by region, continent or country. There are also ministry opportunities within the U.S. listed on the site, which could be an ideal starting point for graduates of online Christian colleges and universities who are unsure of where God wants them to be. For graduates of online Christian colleges, this website could be the perfect starting point to put their skills to good use. More than 970 Christian employers are registered with the service, and the website allows users to create profiles in much the same way that secular job boards do. There is a wide variety of positions and opportunities listed on the site, from kindergarten teachers in Christian daycare centers to senior pastoral roles. Many younger Christians may feel called to serve the Lord in foreign outreach programs, but are hesitant to commit to such an undertaking. This website could be an ideal way for graduates of online Christian colleges and universities to explore missions work without committing to a lengthy trip. This service also offers a series of helpful articles on things to consider before embarking on a missions trip.

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