Many students applying to MBA programs at a younger age

While many master of business administration (MBA) degree seekers focus on gaining professional experience before applying to business school, the time between these students’ undergraduate and graduate programs is growing shorter for some, Bloomberg BusinessWeek recently reported. As a result, younger individuals who plan to apply to an MBA program at a Christian university may find that they are not alone.

The news source recently highlighted the results of a just-released report from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which took a close look at who exactly is taking the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) these days.

Based on the data featured in GMAC’s 2011 World Geographic Trend Report for GMAT Examinees, 18 percent of test-takers are 31 or older. Meanwhile, 41 percent of those who took the examination were between 25 and 30, while an additional 41 percent were younger than 25.

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“The GMAT pipeline as it relates to prospective MBA students is almost entirely different today than it used to be,” said Alex Chisholm, GMAT’s senior manager of statistical analysis, as quoted by the news source.

Whether prospective MBA students are fresh out of college or seasoned professionals looking to enhance their business careers, online Christian universities can provide an education that reflects their faith.

For instance, Minnesota’s Crown College offers a web-based MBA program that can produce ethical business leaders with integrity, according to the school’s website. And for those who still need to complete their business degree, the school offers and online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Both online programs are offered through the Adult and Graduate Studies program.

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