North Park University to help develop urban ministers

Christian students who are interested in ministry and leadership roles in urban settings now have a new learning option at Chicago’s North Park University, according to a recent school press release.

Students will have until March 31, 2012 to apply for a spot in the university’s new certificate in urban ministry program. The website states that this two-year graduate program, which will be offered through Northpark’s Theological Seminary, will prepare Christian ministers and lay leaders for roles within urban settings.

As the program is located in Chicago, students have an opportunity to understand how complex the urban environment around them is, while acquiring the skills and knowledge they will need as ministers.

“Chicago is part of the classroom we’re offering,” said Soong-Chan Rah, director of the program, as quoted by the website. “It is a center for community development, community organizing, for ethnic diversity, and with diverse neighborhoods.”

In addition to enrolling in programs offered by Christian colleges and universities, those who wish to become urban ministers can gain experience through organizations like Here’s Life Inner City. For instance, the Urban Ministry Internship allows individuals to spend nine to 12 months in cities like Detroit and Atlanta and make an impact in the lives of others, according to the organization’s website.

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