Four resources for adults returning to school

Some adults may be enrolling in a Christian university to finish a bachelor’s degree they abandoned years ago, while others are going to college for the first time. No matter what their reasons for returning to academia may be, older students should be prepared to take challenging courses and meet professors’ high expectations.

However, as these students have been away from an academic setting for so long, it may take them awhile to readjust to nightly homework assignments, early morning classes and lengthy study sessions. In addition, they may find that several of their skills are a little rusty once they start taking their first batch of college courses.

When preparing for a return to school, adults may find these four resources helpful.

1. – While students will not know which classes are the most challenging before the first day of school, there are ways for them to brush up on a few essential skills, and, as a result, become better prepared for their college experience. Those who will be taking math classes may want to visit online education resources like Here, they will find reference tables for algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry and other mathematical branches.

2. – It may have been a long time since adults have heard the term “participle.” Maybe they do not realize whether or not they are writing in a passive voice. Either way, students can hone the skills they will need in English classes while adhering to the Christian lifestyle by visiting For every vocabulary or grammar question visitors answer correctly, the nonprofit website will donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.

3. High school notebooks – Students can always turn to their high school textbooks. Dusting off these books and taking a peek inside may help adults quickly relearn what a quadratic equation is so that they are not confused on the first day of class. Another great way to ease back into academia is to find notebooks from high school. Oftentimes, these resources will provide relevant information that has been simplified or includes helpful handwritten notes.

4. – If adults need a refresher on preparing for a test or writing a paper, then this website can help. Here, they will find everything from study guides and ways of coping with college stress to tips on taking better notes.

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