Gain a faith-infused foundation in business administration at Christian colleges

In recent years, unethical behavior in the nation’s business sector has made headlines and dominated the news. To avoid the professional mistakes others have made, religious students may want to enroll in a bachelor of business administration degree program offered through a Christian university or college.

Whether students are pursuing this bachelor’s degree via a Christian university online or on campus, they stand to enhance their business knowledge and skills in a way that reflects their personal values.

Typically, undergraduate business administration degree programs take four years to complete, and provide students with a foundation in core business topics. As the sector this credential prepares individuals for is so large, schools often allow students to concentrate their studies on one specific area.

For instance, New Mexico’s University of the Southwest allows students to earn a bachelor of business administration online or on campus that is focused on accounting, finance, management, marketing and e-commerce, among other areas, according to the school’s website.

Explore University of the Southwest Undergraduate Business Degrees Now states that students with an interest in an undergraduate business administration program should be prepared to assume leadership roles, have strong communication and problem-solving skills and have the ability to see the bigger picture.

While any academic institution can provide a series of basic business courses, only Christian colleges and universities will allow students to take classes alongside like-minded peers who share their interest in business, as well as a commitment to Christ.

Oklahoma’s Mid-America Christian University offers a bachelor of business administration program that prepares students for careers as leaders at for-profit and nonprofit organizations, according to the institution’s website. In addition to taking business courses that are taught from a Christian perspective, those enrolled at this school receive a well-rounded education that includes Bible and theology classes.

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Meanwhile, Minnesota’s Crown College aims to produce bachelor of business administration degree holders who possess practical knowledge as well as strong Christian character and ethics, the school’s website states.

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Following the completion of their studies, graduates can begin their careers or gain a few years of professional experience before enrolling in a master of business administration degree program at one of the country’s top Christian universities. With this advanced credential, individuals will not only gain a professional advantage, but a moral one as well.