Next Step program can help students gain a deeper understanding of the Word

Many people are fortunate enough to attend a church with solid pastoral leadership. This can be crucial for individuals’ spiritual growth. However, for people who want to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and grow in their walk with the Lord, the Next Step program offered by Moody Theological Seminary may be an ideal fit.

Although many people know the Word of God, fewer people are able to effectively relay the basis of their faith in Jesus Christ to others. For individuals who want to minister to others and be a witness for Christ, communication skills and a solid understanding of Scripture are essential. The Next Step program aims to provide students with these skills in order to help them feel more confident in explaining their faith to others and experiencing a deeper connection with God.

The Next Step program is not a qualification itself, but rather an invitation to explore the possibilities that attending Moody Theological Seminary could provide for students. Many people want to gain a greater understanding of the Bible, but have never considered attending seminary. The Next Step initiative aims to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions about seminary, and provide prospective Bible students with more information about the various certificate and degree programs offered at Moody.

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Seminary is more than just a Christian college, it is a way for individuals to experience the teachings and Word of God in a new and personal way. People who want to read and understand the Bible the way their pastor does could benefit from attending seminary, as could individuals who run even a small Bible study group from their home.

Similarly, individuals who have been in situations where they could minister to non-believers and have struggled to explain their faith could benefit from attending seminary. Providing students with the techniques and understanding they need to discuss the complexities of Christianity with others, online Christian colleges can help individuals develop the confidence they need to go forward and serve the Lord boldly.

Even if students feel confident in explaining their faith and communicating the Word to others, seminary can help students apply biblical principles of Scripture to their own lives. As relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago, the Bible can be an enduring point of reference for living in today’s world, and online Christian universities like Moody Theological Seminary can help students apply the Word to their lives.

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