North Park University offers education at an affordable price

While scholarships and financial aid can certainly help make Christian colleges and universities more affordable, not every student is fortunate enough to benefit from these opportunities. If this is the case, then individuals may want to look into which schools have taken steps to make earning a degree a little easier.

Fox Business recently highlighted a few academic institutions that charge lower tuition. Among them was the Illinois-based Christian school, North Park University.

Unlike other schools, North Park’s decision to lower its tuition was not due to the recent recession. This is evident based on the fact that the Christian university adjusted its tuition rate back in 2004, the news source reported. At this time, the cost of attending the institution dropped from $20,000 to $14,000.

“It wasn’t a decision made out of desperation; we were on a mission to help prospective students past that first ‘sticker-shock’ moment,” Nate Mouttet , the university’s vice president of enrollment, told the news outlet.

Today, full-time tuition at North Park costs $20,990 without additional fees, such as housing and meal plans, according to the university’s website. While tuition has increased, Mouttet told the news outlet that the school is still more affordable than its competitors in the Chicago area.

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