Identifying community values of Christian colleges and universities

Selecting a Christian college or university is more than just picking a major. For many students of faith, it is about choosing an institution that aligns with their personal spiritual convictions. Identifying the religious and community values of a Christian university can be the first step in finding the right fit for students of faith.

Some Christian colleges and universities will advertise their community values on their websites to give prospective students a clearly defined list of what the school stands for, and what is expected of prospective students. Other institutions may choose to send information to potential students through the mail, or invite them to tour the campus, even if they may not be studying there.

One thing that will be common among most Christian colleges is the expectation that students enrolled in degree programs at these institutions adhere to biblical and scriptural values while they complete their qualification. In terms of online learning, this could mean completing coursework with honesty and integrity by not submitting plagiarized work or using search engines if they are not permitted.

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Some online Christian university programs will also expect students to conduct themselves in a manner befitting of Christians even if they do not plan on attending campus-based classes. This could include practices that many Christian students would not ordinarily engage in, such as drinking alcohol or using bad language. Although this might seem obvious, some online Christian colleges may require prospective students to pledge that they will conduct themselves appropriately while enrolled in degree programs at these institutions.

Other things that may be expected of students enrolled in degree programs at Christian colleges either online or on campus is a regular commitment to church service. This could involve many things, such as attendance at chapel services on campus. However, due to the nature of online education, it is more likely that an online Christian college will expect students to attend church regularly if they are to enroll in the school’s degree programs.

Some Christian institutions may expect a certain commitment to ministry opportunities. This could be anything from volunteering with a nonprofit organization, working with a church’s outreach missions work, or helping at a local soup kitchen. The emphasis will be on service and giving back to the community, and some faith-based institutions will value these qualities highly in prospective students.

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