Grace Bible College Offers Military Tuition Discounts

Q&A with Zak Sorensen
Director of Recruitment for Adult & Online Education
Grace Bible College 

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The mission of Grace Bible College is graduating Godly individuals prepared to serve Christ in church and society. There are many active duty military members and veterans looking to assimilate back into society after serving our country around the world. It is our goal at Grace Bible College to help these individuals through this process by offering a quality and relevant education that will prepare them for civilian careers in many different business and non-profit fields.

What tuition discount are you offering?

At Grace Bible College we offer all active military service members, veterans, and qualified dependants a discounted tuition rate of $250 per credit hour for adult and online associate and bachelor degree programs. This is in an effort to match the GI Bill benefit of $250 per credit hour and potentially allow military students to attend Grace Bible College at no cost.

Why are you offering a military discount?

At Grace Bible College we are called to not only educate our students but also to serve them. We feel that it is important to serve those who serve us.  We are thankful for the ability to serve our military service members and their families by offering a quality education at a discounted tuition rate.

Who qualifies for these discounts?

All Military members, veterans, and their dependants are eligible to receive this discount.

When are the discounts available? How long will you be offering them? Is this a limited time offer?

The military discount is offered year-round to all qualified individuals. There are onsite and online groups that start many times during the year, which allows the ability to take advantage of the discount whenever the individual is ready to get started.

Do students have to attend campus programs to use the discount or is it available for online education as well?

We understand that many adults need the flexibility of online education to complete their degrees. We understand that this certainly applies to military service members as well. We offer the military discount to all classes whether taken 100% online or one night a week at the campus in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

How can students access this discount? What is the process?

We have trained military counselors ready to assist military students with their GI Bill funding.  We want to make this process as friendly and efficient as possible.  We will work with you and your VA benefits coordinator to process the following:

  • GI Bill
  • Tuition Assistance
  • VA Voc Rehab

We also work with you to make sure you get credit for your AARTS and SMARTS transcripts.

Grace Bible College has the highest accreditation through the HLC and ABHE.  Our programs will prepare you to be knowledgeable, ethical, and competitive in today’s job market.  Please contact us so that we can assist you in your educational goals.  It is free to apply!

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