Christian celebrities strike a balance between faith and success

For Christians who wish to achieve professional success without losing sight of their strong religious values, Tim Tebow is an inspiration. The starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos shows how somebody can balance their faith and a career. Now, those who wish to enroll in Christian colleges and universities have one more role model in the sports world – basketball player Jeremy Lin.

What is being referred to as “Linsanity” has swept the nation, since Lin, a point guard for the New York Knicks, has helped the team win several games this season. A few qualities help Lin stand out in the world of professional sports.

First, Lin serves as an inspiration to Asian Americans who dream about pursuing a career in the National Basketball League (NBA), as he is the first player in the NBA of Chinese descent. Second, his strong Christian values help him stand out in an industry that is often associated with fame, fortune and excess.

In fact, both Lin and Tebow have expressed interest in becoming pastors later in life, according to The Christian Post. The two athletes have spoken of their love for Jesus Christ, so it should come as no surprise that they are not only fans of one another, but have already connected.

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Tebow has told the 23-year-old Lin to stay true to himself, the news source stated, which is something students of faith can certainly keep in mind as they set out to begin their academic career at Christian colleges.

Whether students are looking for degree programs at on-campus or online Christian universities, they will see how they can pursue their dream career without abandoning their faith. Business, science, education, healthcare and other majors can all be taught from the Christian perspective.

For instance, those who wish to pursue a career in show business may not always associate faith and strong values with Hollywood. However, actor, writer, producer and devout Christian, Tyler Perry, has shown that it is possible to make it in the entertainment industry and still hold onto the values that matter to him. Anybody who doubts Perry’s influence need look no further than Forbes’ 2011 list of The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities, on which the entertainer came in at number 19.

Whether or not students wish to enter the sports or entertainment industries, they should remember that it is possible to achieve their career goals and remain true to themselves.

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