Adult students can serve as role models to their children

Whether they are looking to change careers or simply have a passion for learning, it is not uncommon for parents to return to school later in life. However, some may put off or abandon their educational dreams due to concern over not being able to balance courses at a Christian university with their life as a mother or father. Fortunately, there are steps adult students can take to ensure that both family and schoolwork receive the attention they deserve.

One of the most important things students with a spouse or children can do is become organized. Whether adults are enrolled in an on-campus or online Christian university, they should figure out what their schedule will be like for the semester. Rather than keep it to themselves, this information should be shared with the entire family and posted some place where everybody can see it, like on the refrigerator. That way, the kids always know when one of their parents will be at class.

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With everybody in the house on the same page, children will know when not to ask their parent to play, or have a better sense of what the best time to ask for help on their own homework will be.

At the same time, students need to make sure the time they devote to their work at Christian colleges does not overtake their lives. While they should certainly devote some time to their studies, an equal amount of time should be devoted to the family. Some of the things parents can do is devote certain nights of the week to different themes. For instance, Tuesday could be a chance for everybody to make a meal together, while Friday night may be reserved for a movie and popcorn.

When sitting down at the dinner table, parents should discuss the subjects they are covering at the Christian colleges and universities they are enrolled in. This allows their spouse and children to become a part of their academic experience. As they explain their reasons for returning to school later in life, they may have a powerful impact on their kids and even become role models.

As long as adult students remember that their family’s needs are just as important as their grades and career goals, they should be able to strike the proper balance between their personal and academic responsibilities.

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