For military veterans, choosing the right degree can be important

Many people of faith choose to uphold the values and freedoms of the U.S. by serving in the military. To honor and reward their brave service, the government offers a range of ways that veterans can return to education and earn additional qualifications. Some military personnel may find that online Christian colleges and universities could offer the kind of degree programs and academic environment they are looking for. However, choosing the right degree program can be important for returning servicemen and women.

Former members of the armed forces can have their tuition paid for thanks to the G.I. Bill. Although this can be incredibly useful for returning military personnel, it is important to consider the different degree programs offered by online Christian colleges carefully as to not waste this valuable opportunity.

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One very helpful resource is the career and skills comparison tool offered by This handy tool enables users to enter their former military unit, job title and other information into a searchable database which compares the skills they learned during their armed forces careers into new, civilian vocations. This could be a great place for individuals considering enrolling at an online Christian university to begin assessing their options.

Alternatively, some former service personnel may be looking to enter the job market in a field or industry experiencing high demand. In today’s challenging economic conditions, job security can be vitally important, especially to people with families. As such, returning veterans may wish to consider enrolling in an online Christian college to study for a qualification that could help them find work upon graduation.

Veterans with medic experience may find that a career in nursing is a logical extension of their military skills. Nurses are in high demand, and nursing can be a very rewarding career path as these medical professionals spend a large amount of their time helping care for patients.

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Communications specialists may enroll in computer networking courses offered at online Christian colleges and universities to make the most of their military experience and learn a valuable new trade. Information technology is one of the fastest-growing fields in North America, and graduates of these degree programs may find their employment prospects to be quite favorable.

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Law enforcement is another field particularly well-suited to former military personnel. The discipline, physical nature of the work and service-oriented aspect of the field make former soldiers ideal law enforcement officers. Individuals interested in this career path can enroll in criminal justice degrees offered by online Christian colleges to begin their civilian careers.

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