Tips to help adult students make family time as important as homework

It is not uncommon for students who are returning to school later in life to have a family. While the work they are required to do at Christian colleges and universities is important, so too is their commitment to their children and spouse.

Balancing classes at a Christian university with familial responsibilities will not always be easy, especially if students are working on the side. However, there are certain steps individuals can take to ensure that they are there for their loved ones, and completing their assignments on time.

Here are a few ways to successfully balance school with family life.

Plan special nights – When adult students set a little time aside each week just for their family, they show that homework has not taken their place. Theme nights can vary depending on the kids’ interests. Maybe everybody gets together on a particular night to watch a favorite TV show, or go visit a nearby relative. Wednesday night can be pizza night and Friday night can be reserved for making a big bowl of popcorn and renting a movie, for example. No matter what the activity, the important thing is that everybody gets a chance to spend time together and bond. For parents in school, these special nights also provide a breather from their studies.

Make homework a family activity – The kids will not be able to help with every homework assignment, but there is no reason why they cannot become more involved with their parents’ studies. Students should talk openly about what they are learning at school. Not only is this a way to educate children, but it also lets them know that their parents appreciate them enough to let them be a part of their academic life.

Value time together – There may be days when adult students are overloaded and their spouse has to pull double duty around the house. Whether parents are staying late at school, or pulling an all-nighter to finish a paper, they will not always get a chance to see how their children’s day went, or what they themselves are learning in school. As a result, students will want to make up for lost time any way possible. Running to the store? See if the kids want to tag along. Have some yard work to do? Ask the kids to grab a rake and join the fun.

Have a date night – Quality time with the spouse is just as important as those precious moments with the kids. One night a week, students should consider calling the babysitter and going out with the love of their life.

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