What is the difference between a Christian liberal arts college and seminary?

What is the difference between a Christian liberal arts college and seminary?

People of faith who want to enroll in online Christian colleges and universities have many options. Even though they may not set foot on a physical campus, choosing the right type of school can make a big difference. Some online Christian colleges are smaller, liberal arts colleges, whereas others are theological seminaries. What is the difference?

Online Christian colleges such as Crown College are an example of liberal arts colleges. This kind of institution focuses on providing students with a broader curricula while offering majors in one particular area of study. For example, an individual enrolling at Crown may choose to make theology their major, but they will also study subjects such as visual art, human development and political science. For online students, there may be additional options for students to customize their degree, but the emphasis will be on a broad, well-rounded educational experience.

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Seminaries, on the other hand, are focused on the teaching of theology for the purposes of preparing students for positions in ministry or the clergy. Although some larger seminaries, such as Moody Theological Seminary, offer a range of online courses in subjects such as criminal justice or business, many of their courses specialize in advanced theology, including theological studies or graduate programs in Biblical studies.

Both types of online Christian college have their advantages, and students should evaluate what they want from their education. For individuals who are less experienced in matters of spiritual instruction, perhaps a liberal arts-style institution would be a better fit. Students who already have their bachelor’s degree may find that a rigorous graduate-level program in advanced theology may align with their academic goals more closely.

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Students who are thinking about enrolling in online Christian colleges and universities should consider the community and student body of their prospective institutions. Smaller, liberal arts colleges tend to attract a more diverse population in terms of majors, as these universities are excellent places to explore a variety of subjects and potential career paths. Similarly, online seminaries may be a better place to interact with individuals who are serious and committed to their spiritual education. It all depends on what an individual wants from their academic experience.

Individuals who are trying to choose an online Christian college should ask themselves what they want from their education, and the kind of institution that matches their personal goals and values before committing to any decisions.

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