Many Christian colleges and universities offer degree completion programs

Trinity International University offers online degree completion programs.

Sometimes, life gets in the way of people’s higher education goals and they are forced to withdraw from a Christian university or college after only one or two semesters. While it can be hard for some to pick up where they left off years earlier and re-enroll in an institution to complete their degree, it is well worth it.

Returning to Christian colleges and universities later in life has the potential to yield many benefits. For instance, individuals should consider how much more they can make with a college credential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who hold a bachelor’s degree may make at least $300 more per week than people who have only completed some college.

Something individuals who are considering a return to school should know is unless they are entering an entirely new field, they often will not be required to retake the same college courses they finished years ago. This is due to the fact that many institutions offer degree completion programs. These tracks are often available as distance learning options, as the type of student they cater to is often older, or looking to advance their education while juggling other responsibilities.

Trinity International University Online Degree Completion ProgramsTrinity International University is one school that offers online degree completion programs, according to the institution’s website. Individuals who have already earned at least 36 credit hours of coursework and have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 are eligible to apply. Ultimately, every students is unique, with his or her own educational background, so a counselor from the online Christian university will inform students of how many of their credits are transferable and when they can expect to graduate.

Students can often find degree completion programs for a variety of subjects. One of Trinity’s tracks is devoted to a Bachelor of Arts in Business from a Christian perspective. According to the university’s website, those who enroll receive the knowledge and skills necessary to become leaders of integrity. As they take courses focused on such topics as the principles of management and accounting, they will tackle the latest business concepts while holding fast to the Word of God.

Whether students decide to finish their degree or select an entirely new major, it is most important that they find Christian colleges and universities that will provide them with the experience that is best for them on both an academic and spiritual level.

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