Ways for adult students to make college more affordable

Making college more affordable for adult students

Not every student pursues an associate’s or bachelor’s degree immediately following high school. Fortunately, many Christian colleges and universities provide programs for adult learners who have decided to return to school later in life.

For instance, Crown College in Minnesota offers associate, bachelor and master’s degree programs entirely online for busy adult students, according to the institution’s website. Meanwhile, adults looking to complete their bachelor’s degree in either Business or Christian Ministries online may want to consider Trinity International University. Their adult degree completion program features accelerated courses, states the school’s website.

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As adults search for the Christian universities that are right for them, they may also be thinking about the ways in which they can save money on their education. Fortunately, TIME recently highlighted a few ways of making higher education more affordable.

For instance, the news source suggested that prospective students ask their employer if he or she will provide financial aid so that they can update their skill set. Another option is to apply for federal work-study programs, as long as adult learners have no problem balancing work with their studies. When it comes time to purchase textbooks, students should visit websites like Amazon.com to see if they are selling them at a lower price than the campus bookstore.

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