Embark upon a career in criminal justice with Mid-America Christian University

The demands on the criminal justice system are more considerable than ever before. For patriotic men and women of faith who want to protect the values of the U.S., a career in criminal justice may be an ideal fit. However, it is important that the principles of an academic institution align with an individuals’ personal sense of ethics, especially in a field such as criminal justice. Christians who want to enter this challenging yet rewarding field can enroll in online programs such as the criminal justice administration and ethics course offered by Mid-America Christian University (MACU).

Embark upon a career in criminal justice with Mid-America Christian University

Depending on which aspect of criminal justice an individual feels called upon to serve, a diverse qualification like this one can help motivated Christians attain their career goals. The degree program offered by MACU offers students a wide variety of classes that could serve as the basis for a career in criminal justice, including crime scene investigation, criminology, patrol, criminal interdiction and drug trafficking, domestic violence and antiterrorism techniques, to name a few.

Programs like this one can be an invaluable opportunity for working professionals and busy adults who want to transition into a new career path. Lance McWhorter, a deputy sheriff in Oklahoma County, found that the flexible format of online learning was an ideal fit for his demanding work and family schedule.

“I went into the Army right after high school, then got married right after I got out of the military,” McWhorter said in a statement. “It seems I just couldn´t stay focused long enough to get through college because my life was so busy. But then I discovered Mid-America. Going to school one night a week really worked for me.”

Earning a criminal justice qualification from an online Christian college is one way for individuals to learn new skills without compromising on their values or beliefs. After all, the Bible is very clear on remembering the teachings of Jesus Christ, regardless of the situation. Jesus said in John 14:15, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” It is important for men and women of faith to apply God’s word to their careers, especially in fields where ethics, morals and integrity are crucial, such as criminal justice.

Online Christian colleges and universities can be a great place for people of faith to learn new skills and contribute to the safety, well-being and protection of American values.

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