How many MBA programs should prospective students apply to?

How many MBA programs should prospective students apply to?

Before individuals can start working toward their master of business administration (MBA) at a Christian university or college, they have to receive an acceptance letter from at least one graduate program. Prospective students who want to make this goal a reality will want to apply to enough schools so that they can maximize their chances of acceptance.

However, before these individuals begin to fill out an application, they need to decide how many Christian colleges and universities they will actually send their information to. After a little research, prospective business students will find that the actual number of MBA program applications they should send out varies depending on who they talk to.

For instance, Bloomberg BusinessWeek highlighted the results of a survey of 652 business school applicants that was conducted by the admissions consulting firm, Stacy Blackman Consulting. Based on the findings, the number of MBA programs these individuals planned on applying to ranged from around five to more than eight. This came as a surprise to Stacy Blackman, the founder and president of the firm, who told the news source that most of her clients are advised to apply to between one and four institutions.

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When broken down, the survey findings revealed that 21 percent of respondents sent their applications to five schools and 8.3 percent applied to eight or more MBA programs. While applying to more than eight schools may be too many, Blackman feels that it is in prospective students’ best interests to fill out applications for four to six institutions.

“People get really hung up on one or two schools,” Blackman told the news outlet. “You really want to diversify.”

According to a post on, applying to multiple business schools is not only time consuming, but expensive as well. As a result, the website suggests that students consider sending applications to about six schools. Furthermore, if they are considering 10 schools, then they may need to do a little more research to narrow down their choices.

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