What to look for when touring Christian colleges and universities

What to look for when touring Christian colleges and universities

While flipping through brochures and poking around websites can certainly provide prospective students with a sense of what Christian colleges and universities have to offer, the best way for these individuals to find the school for them may be to take a campus tour.

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However, before they schedule a visit to one of the Christian universities they have an interest in, they should make sure they know what to look for when they arrive on campus. Here are a few things prospective college students should keep in mind when exploring a school.

The campus – Should prospective students apply to a Christian university, receive an acceptance letter and choose to enroll, then they will be spending a lot of time at this school over the next few years. As a result, they will want to make sure they can picture themselves attending classes in this setting. While touring classrooms and campus facilities, individuals should ask themselves if this is the type of environment that will best suit their personality and needs.

The facilities – What types of facilities are important? In addition to a campus church, some Christians may desire a school with a large athletic center or theater. Academic programs are important, but prospective students should not forget about their personal interests when selecting an institution.

The students – As tour guides take individuals all around campus, prospective students should pay close attention to the types people the school appears to attract. Listening to their conversations and observing how they interact with one another can give those who are considering the institution a quick sense of what campus life is like. However, prospective students should never base their final decision solely on the types of chats that take place in-between classes. It never hurts to approach someone on campus, ask a few quick questions and get a better sense of what their experience has been like so far and if they would recommend the school.

Minnesota’s Crown College is one Christian school that invites prospective students to visit. According to the institution’s website, a variety of events are available to these individuals, including Saturdays@Crown and Storm the Campus.

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Meanwhile, North Park University in Illinois offers anybody a chance to take part in individual or group visits, as well as special preview days, states the school’s website. Those who live far from the institution can also take a virtual tour of its campus online.

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