New book aims to help nontraditional students earn a degree

New book aims to help nontraditional students earn a degree

Many of the individuals pursuing higher education these days are a little older than the typical college student. As a result, anybody who feels they are too old to pursue a degree should not hesitate to enroll in Christian universities.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) provides more than enough proof that the nontraditional student is increasingly becoming the average student. Between 2000 and 2009, enrollment numbers for individuals 25 and over rose by 43 percent.

Despite these numbers, some students still have their concerns about applying to Christian colleges and universities later in life. These individuals may have an interest in reading Lee Viar’s new book, The Nontraditional Learner’s Guide to Success: Creating an Informal Support Network. According to The Herald-Mail, the author started his path to earning a bachelor’s degree at 33.

“I realized if I wanted to get anywhere – support my family and myself – I had to go back to school,” Viar told the news source.

Today, Viar holds both a bachelor’s and master’s in business, as well as a doctorate in education. The book is designed to help nontraditional students have an experience that will be a little easier than Viar’s.

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