Greater self-awareness may help students with their MBA studies

Greater self-awareness may help students with their MBA studies

When students of faith decide to pursue a master of business administration (MBA), they want to make sure they are applying to Christian colleges and universities with the right programs for them. One way to make this process a little easier may be to purchase a notebook, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported.

In a recent article, Rose Martinelli, the former admissions director at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, wrote that when MBA students become more self-aware, they stand to gain a better sense of what schools and career paths are best for them.

To arrive at these results, Martinelli suggested that prospective students use their notebook to ask themselves life questions and record the answers. For instance, they can ask themselves if they feel challenged at their current job, or feel as though they are growing. Something else they can consider is what they are doing well and what could be better.

North Park University Graduate DegreesWith a greater understanding of who they are, students can go on to find the Christian university or college with the MBA program that is right for them. One institution that offers this credential from a Christian perspective is Illinois’ North Park University. According to the school’s website, students can earn their MBA on campus or online.

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