Physical disabilities should not prevent students from earning a degree

Physical disabilities should not prevent students from earning a degree

Life rarely goes according to plan. Whether individuals are born with a physical disability or are now confined to a wheelchair as a result of a war overseas, they can still achieve their academic goals. With faith in God and themselves, people with physical disabilities can achieve great things through the knowledge and skills they acquire at a Christian university or college.

There are times when attending regular classes will be a challenge for students with physical disabilities. In addition, there are schools that simply do not provide an academic experience that is a good match for these individuals. As a result, anybody who is researching Christian colleges and universities will want to make some calls and inquire about how friendly prospective campuses and facilities are to disabled students.

Since students are considering Christian colleges and universities, they will find that these institutions welcome them with open arms and adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

For instance, Regent University in Virginia does not discriminate against qualified students with a disability, according to the school’s website. All of the public areas around Regent’s campus are fully accessible, and the institution is constantly making improvements to provide disabled individuals with the services they deserve.

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Regent’s library has been designed to accommodate students with disabilities and ensure that they receive the same experience as everyone else. For example, those with vision problems can use a keyboard with larger keys or use the Aladdin Ambassador reader to listen to texts. The Christian university informs disabled students that they should always ask for the special accommodations they require.

When searching for schools, disabled students may want to consider researching online Christian universities as well. Whether these individuals enroll in Colorado Christian University or New Mexico’s University of the Southwest, they can earn a degree without having to leave their home. Distance learning can be especially helpful to those whose disabilities would make attending regular classes more of a struggle.

Students should know that several organizations also provide scholarships for those with disabilities who require help paying for college. For instance, the Courage Center offers the Scholarship for People with Disabilities. According to the nonprofit rehabilitation and resource center’s website, this award is designed to help cover the cost of recipients’ tuition, textbooks and other school supplies, and does not exceed $1,000.

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