Master the art of public relations at an online Christian college

Master the art of public relations at an online Christian college

For some churches, evangelizing to people who need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ is one of the many communication needs of a religious organization. Presenting the church and their ministries in a positive light can be equally challenging. Individuals who want to help churches spread the Word of God can enroll in the communications and public relations program at Mid-America Christian University (MACU) to learn how to do so effectively.

Public relations is more than issuing press releases and making statements to the media, it is about building and shaping an organization’s identity in the public eye. For some religious groups, this can be as important as their regular missions and outreach work. Spreading the Gospel requires not just a commitment to informing people about Jesus Christ, but also a tactical strategy for managing the church’s reputation, mission statement and objectives.

For individuals enrolling in communications courses at online Christian colleges and universities, the emergence of new media and technologies are one of the most exciting, and potentially challenging, aspects of working in public relations. Social media has become an integral part of the way that churches broadcast their messages, interact with their communities and manage the perception of their public image. Programs like the one offered at MACU focus on delivering positive organizational communications using the latest techniques and technology.

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Mid-America Christian University Online ProgramsIn addition to managing a church’s reputation, public relations professionals also work closely with marketing personnel to craft and shape the branding of a church. Although some Christians may not have given much thought to this aspect of church management, as the saying goes, image is everything. For churches who want to appeal to a younger demographic, achieving the right blend of doctrine with a media-savvy image can be challenging. Programs like the communications and public relations degree at MACU can train men and women of God to serve the Lord and rise to this challenge.

Branding is especially important to larger churches, such as Hillsong. This organization spans the globe and brings the Word of God to countless thousands of people around the world, and doing so requires a cohesive brand and visual identity. Hillsong is an excellent example of how branding and public relations outreach can work together to create a welcoming, wholesome image while retaining solid Biblical foundations.

For individuals who want to help spread the teachings of Jesus Christ in the 21st century, a degree in communications and public relations could be the ideal way to learn how to serve the Lord and bring His word to people across the world.

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