How to study the Bible more effectively

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How to study the Bible more effectively

In order to serve the Lord, committed men and women of faith should devote time to studying His word. However, in today’s hectic, always-on world, this can be more difficult than it sounds. Developing good Bible study habits can be very rewarding and productive, especially for individuals considering enrolling in online Christian colleges and universities. How can Christians cultivate better Bible study habits?

One of the most important steps for Bible students to take is to remove themselves from distractions. Individuals who seek to gain a greater understanding of the Lord need to remember that studying His word is spending time in His presence. As such, it is important for Christians to adopt an appropriate attitude toward Bible study. Men and women of faith who are serious about growing in their walk with God should turn off their cellphones, televisions and other electronic devices before sitting down to study.

Once they have created an appropriate study environment, believers need to consider not just how they study, but what. Although every individual may hear God’s voice differently, it can be important for Christians to discern what He wants to show them.

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Asking questions can be one way to arrive at this knowledge. For instance, Christians should ask themselves what has been on their mind lately. If the subject of kindness has been a recurring thought throughout the day, they may ponder the teachings of Ephesians 4:32, which reads, “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” It is vital that Christians remain open to hearing what God wants to say to them.

Although studying is a skill that can be learned, Christians should not be afraid to develop habits that work for them. For example, while some people may be more receptive to the teachings of Jesus Christ earlier in the day, this might not be ideal for other individuals. Choosing where and when to study is almost as important as what books to read, and men and women of faith should create a study schedule that suits their needs.

Many believers sit down to study their Bible, and nothing else. Some people view other texts as distractions. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, it can help to have a number of other books at hand that can shed additional light on the events, stories and lessons contained in the Bible. For example, a concordance can be a valuable tool in determining the original translation of a particular word. For the serious Bible scholar, this depth and insight may offer an even more engaging and relevant study session.

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