Learn about management information systems at an online Christian college

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Learn about management information systems at an online Christian college

For many organizations, leveraging the power of technology is vital in order to stay on top of the competition, especially in today’s challenging economy. However, without skilled, qualified personnel, making business decisions related to technology, manpower and other managerial functions can be difficult, not to mention costly. Individuals who want to become management information systems professionals can enroll in degree programs like the one offered by Colorado Christian University.

Management information systems (MIS) are a centralized way for organizations to monitor and manage operational factors such as human resources, technology and decision making. Simply put, MIS professionals analyze the effectiveness of how a business or organization is performing, identify areas of improvement and make reports outlining suggestions on how these issues can be handled. In larger organizations, MIS is becoming an increasingly important business area as companies, nonprofits and even large churches strive to become more effective.

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The MIS program at CCU teaches students the skills they need to enter the workforce as MIS professionals in a variety of industries and business areas. Lessons are taught from a Christ-centered approach, meaning that men and women of faith who want to transition into new careers can do so without compromising on their beliefs. In fact, online Christian colleges and universities are becoming increasingly popular choices for individuals who want to advance their career through learning.

CCU’s MIS program is divided into four key subject areas: the management of information systems, internet development and e-commerce, infrastructure and system planning, and information security. These core modules enable students to learn about the ever-changing business environment of the 21st century, and how effective management of information is becoming a vital aspect of many organizations’ operations.

MIS personnel can play a pivotal role in a business’ operational effectiveness. For example, without proper information management, it can be difficult for senior executives or even church leaders to identify where sales or fundraising efforts may be failing. Without adequate reporting tools, organizations may find that assessing and improving the way they do business could be increasingly difficult. However, with proper MIS in place, companies can identify not only which areas of their operation are failing, but why, and how things can be improved.

For individuals who want to transition into a challenging, rewarding career, a degree in MIS from an online Christian college could be an ideal fit.

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