Scholarship asks students how the internet has changed their lives

Scholarship asks students how the internet has changed their lives

When students who plan to enroll in Christian colleges and universities seek ways to lower the cost of their education, they should keep an eye out for any scholarship opportunities related to their major or interests.

For instance, individuals who are thinking about pursuing a degree that will prepare them for careers related to technology may want to look into a scholarship being offered by Go Daddy, a provider of web hosting services. While students certainly do not have to have an interest in technology to receive the .ME Scholarship, they must be able to explain how the internet has helped them with their studies, according to a press release.

“Go Daddy is stepping up to support the future of the technology industry,” said Warren Adelman, Go Daddy’s chief executive officer. “By investing in these tech-driven students, we are investing in the future of Go Daddy.”

Individuals who can clearly explain how they have benefited from using the internet have until March 30 to apply for the scholarship. In total, 10 students will each receive $10,000.

Should students decide to expand their knowledge of technology in an academic setting that reflects their religious values, they may want to look to Christian universities like Virginia’s Regent University, where they can earn a bachelor’s degree in information technology, according to the institution’s website.

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