What students can do to relieve college stress

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What students can do to relieve college stress

Everybody has days where they feel like the weight of the world is resting on their shoulders. Due to days packed with challenging courses and the occasional test, college students can be among those who feel stressed out more often than they would like to. Things can only get more complicated when the individuals also happen to be adults with more responsibilities than the average student.

Rather than throwing in the towel or falling behind in their studies all because of a little stress, Christian students should take a deep breath and try one of the following activities designed to alleviate those negative feelings.

• Have fun – While students should not blow off their responsibilities, it is perfectly fine after a long, stressful day to take an hour or two and do something that will make them happy. Maybe a test came back with a low score, or doubt in their ability to balance both classes and family responsibilities. No matter what the cause of students’ stress, watching a movie, ordering a pizza or reading a book can all take their mind off their academic issues for just a little while.

• Exercise – Sitting at home dwelling on the day’s events never helps anybody. Instead, students should consider getting up on their feet and going for a run, playing some basketball with their friends or whatever type of exercise they enjoy. As they work up a sweat, not only will they burn a few calories, but they may even feel those negative feelings fading away.

• Turn to God – When stress is beginning to take its toll, students’ faith in God may be just what they need to hold onto hope and get them through their troubles. They can say a prayer or read some inspiring verses, and most of all, know that they are not alone.

• Go to sleep – If the day has simply been too much to bear, students should consider just going to bed early. Staying up late to fret over their problems will not put them in a position to successfully tackle the next day, but a couple extra hours of sleep just might. When they wake, they will be well rested and ready for whatever God has in store for them.

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