Get familiar with social media for a career advantage

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Get familiar with social media for a career advantage

Adults who were not in high school or college when social media websites like Facebook and Twitter were gaining in popularity may not have accounts on these platforms, or see the value in establishing online profiles. However, should these individuals choose to enroll in a Christian university or college, these websites may come in very handy as they approach graduation and begin their job search.

There are a variety of different social media websites at jobseekers’ disposal. All they have to do is find the ones that they feel most comfortable using and can help them achieve their career goals. Here are a few of the best-known platforms and their benefits.

Facebook – These days, everybody seems to have a Facebook page. While many use the social media website primarily to interact with their friends and family in fun ways, it can also serve as a very helpful job search tool.

According to Facebook’s Fact Sheet, the website had 845 million monthly active users at the end of 2011. That is a lot of people in countries around the world, all using the same platform. As a result, there is great potential for users to network and make vital connections.

When students are nearing the end of their studies at the Christian colleges and universities they are enrolled in, they may want to consider posting a status update about the type of career they are interested in pursuing. Someone in their network may be able to help them, or know another Facebook user who can.

Twitter – This popular social media website should be approached much the same way as Facebook. The only difference is Twitter gives them fewer words to work with, due to the platform’s 140-character limit.

If students have an interest in working for a specific company after they graduate from their on-campus or online Christian universities, then they should start following this organization on Twitter. This will ensure that they are receiving the latest updates from these potential employers, including job postings.

LinkedIn – More so than the other social media websites, LinkedIn is designed for professionals who are looking to network. In fact, as of February 9, 2012, the platform has more than 150 million members around the world, according to data from the website.

With so many professionals logged into their LinkedIn pages, students will want to fill out their profile and start making connections. If they come across someone they feel can help them in their job search, they should just send them a polite message. They may find themselves taking one simple step toward their dream career.

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