Education expert provides college study tips

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Education expert provides college study tips

If students are returning to academia after several years in the workforce, they may find their study skills require a bit of a tune-up. For instance, not everybody taking classes through Christian colleges and universities may remember the best approach to reading a textbook.

Fortunately,, an online resource that helps students find affordable textbooks, recently provided a few tips for those who seek help studying in college. In a press release, Steven Kennedy, the website’s founder, suggested that students start by reading their textbook’s introduction.

“Reading it a few times establishes a visual summary of the material,” Kennedy said. “This is especially important if students know they don’t have time to review the entire book.”

In addition, Kennedy advised students to be careful before they light up the page with their highlighter. Instead, he suggested they read a chapter without taking notes the first time around, which may, in turn, help with their retention of the material.

When it comes time to take notes, Kennedy recommended students jot down the main argument of each chapter or section in their textbook. Placing key facts in a bulleted list may also help make these individuals’ time at Christian universities and colleges a little easier.

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