Adult students can gain inspiration from the young and old

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Adult students can gain inspiration from the young and old

While many Christians find the inspiration they need to tackle the day’s challenges in their faith in the Lord, there are times when these individuals have their fair share of doubts. For instance, some adults may question their ability to pursue a degree through a Christian university later in life.

If these prospective students are looking for an additional source of inspiration, then they may want to look to a recent Huffington Post article by author Daniel Gulati. In it, he wrote about how many adults between the ages of 25 and 35 have regrets.

For example, of the individuals Gulati spoke to, many shared that they were unhappy with the career choices they have made. Furthermore, they felt as though their lives are superficial and lack purpose.

Adults can look to these individuals and their regrets, and possibly find the inspiration to turn their life around. It is never too late for older students to enroll in Christian colleges and universities. In addition, the degree programs offered by these institutions feature a focus on faith, which may provide them with the type of purpose others seek.

While adults are gaining inspiration from younger individuals, they should also consider looking to the elderly. In a CNN article, author and professor Karl A. Pillemer, shared some advice that the elderly had for younger generations. Among their tips was the urging to never pass up opportunities.

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