Military families to benefit from scholarships

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Military families to benefit from scholarships

Every day, members of the Armed Forces and National Guard put their lives on the line and go out of their way to defend the country. Although they do not seek rewards, there are those who believe they should be honored, including ThanksUSA. If students are the sons, daughters or spouses of a soldier, then they may be able to receive help paying for studies at a Christian university thanks to this nonprofit organization.

In 2006, two Virginia girls created ThanksUSA in order to show gratitude to the nation’s troops. Ever since the organization’s inception, military families across the country have received almost $7.5 million in scholarships. Now in its seventh year, ThanksUSA hopes to award up to 500 scholarships worth a total of $1.5 million.

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“The generosity of the American spirit is wonderful,” said Michele Stork, executive director of ThanksUSA, in a statement. “Every year individuals, foundations and our partner corporations make it possible to support our military families who give each of us so much through their selfless service.”

This year’s application season is officially underway and students can apply for these opportunities via the organization’s website,

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