Many companies wish to fill their ranks with new college graduates

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Many companies wish to fill their ranks with new college graduates

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national unemployment rate remained at 8.3 percent for the first two months of the year. While this is lower than it has been in quite some time, it is still high. As a result, some individuals who have a desire to enroll in a Christian university or college may feel as though it is better to wait until the job market improves.

What these prospective students should know is that enrolling in Christian colleges and universities may actually help them find a job even faster.

Reuters recently reported that recruiters from major companies are heading to the nation’s colleges in search of new employees. Amazon, Apple, Barclays Global and General Electric (GE) are among the organizations that have their sights set on hiring college students as soon as they receive their diploma. This means that it is not uncommon for those enrolled in Christian colleges to have multiple job offers before they even complete their studies.

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“[Companies] are saying, ‘we have an aging workforce, and we have to replenish the pipeline,'” Steve Canale, head of global recruiting for GE, told the news source. “GE has always done it, but this year a lot of other companies are also reloading their talent pool.”