Students enrolled in Christian universities can join or start clubs

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Students enrolled in Christian universities can join or start clubs

While students typically enroll in Christian colleges and universities to pursue a degree, there is more to do on campus than simply take classes. One of the best ways for individuals to enrich their campus experience and meet like-minded classmates is to join or start their own club.

During the college search, prospective students can get a good sense of the type of clubs they will find at a particular school by visiting these institutions’ websites. Here, they will typically find a listing of available student clubs and organizations.

However, just because a Christian university or college does not have a club that appeals to a student does not mean he or she is out of luck. In most cases, schools allow members of the student body to form their own organizations. Of course, there are certain rules and requirements, but these are likely to be clearly defined on their websites.

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Here are just a few of the various clubs offered by Christian colleges and universities.

Crown College – Students who enroll in Minnesota’s Crown College can take advantage of the various on-campus activities offered by the school’s Crown College Student Association (CCSA), which exists to meet the social, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs of the Crown community, according to the institution’s website.

Students who have a love of cinema may want to join Crown’s Reel Film Club, while those who would prefer to be outside can look into the Outdoor Adventure Club.

Colorado Christian University – This Christian university provides an extensive list of some of the clubs and organizations it has to offer on its website. For instance, the Trash Club provides students with an activity to help the planet in the Lord’s name by taking out the garbage at the school’s residence halls once a week. Those who are looking to get a little more physical can look into the university’s Unending Song and Dance Club, which teaches members all about salsa, swing, hip-hop and other forms of dance.

Liberty University – As the largest Christian university in the country, Virginia’s Liberty University also offers a wide range of diverse club options for students. Among those listed on its website include the Accounting Society, Christian Conservatives, the Comic Book Club, Criminal Justice Club, Jiu-Jitsu Club and the Men’s Volleyball Club.

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