Adults enrolled at online Christian colleges can learn from Biblical figures

biblical studies at online christian colleges

Adults enrolled at online Christian colleges can learn from Biblical figures

Biblical stories can provide much inspiration for men and women of faith. From stories of courage in the face of adversity to tales of people boldly serving the Lord, the Bible is full of examples for today’s modern Christian. Adults who are considering enrolling in an online Christian university can also learn a great deal from the men and women of the Bible.

For example, the story of Abraham exemplifies how people of faith can follow God’s will, even if they are unsure of the outcome. God told Abraham to go forth into uncertainty in the book of Genesis. Although returning to education while balancing work and family commitments may seem daunting, or even impossible, Christians may find inspiration in Abraham’s unswerving loyalty and devotion to the Lord.

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Later in Genesis, the tale of Joseph is equally inspiring. After being sold into slavery, being accused of something he did not do and being forgotten and dismissed after faithfully serving the king, Joseph never lost sight of the need to do the right thing. With so many distractions, it may be tempting for people enrolled in online Christian colleges and universities to cut corners using search engines and other web-based tools. However, Joseph serves as a prime example of how God rewards the righteous, and that doing what is right should never be considered optional.

The book of Joshua shows that by leading an upright lifestyle, men and women of faith can be excellent examples to their family and friends. Many adults choose to stay where they are, given the pressures of work, family commitments and everything else competing for attention in today’s fast-paced world. However, demonstrating a commitment to advancing their career through learning is a great way for Christians to provide their children with a great moral lesson on the value of dedication and perseverance.

Of course, the story of David is perhaps one of the best examples of inspirational acts in the Bible. David triumphed over Goliath against all odds, showing that courage and faith were more important than size or advantage. Similarly, men and women considering enrolling in online Christian colleges and universities may want to think about David’s struggle when they dismiss going back to school as too difficult. Even if all hope seems lost, God can make a way where there seems to be none.

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