Students enrolling in online Christian colleges can learn from Christ on Good Friday

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Students enrolling in online Christian colleges can learn from Christ on Good Friday

The Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ provide men and women of faith with many valuable lessons year-round. The relevance and timelessness of the Bible’s messages of hope, love and compassion are applicable to many areas of life. However, students enrolled in theology and other courses at online Christian colleges and universities may want to reflect upon the supreme sacrifice that Christ made for humanity on the cross.

On Good Friday, Christians the world over celebrate the selflessness that Christ exhibited by dying for man’s sins. The ultimate gesture of sacrifice, the story of Jesus’ death and subsequent resurrection can teach men and women of faith much about the value and importance of sacrifice.

Many adults who are considering enrolling in online Christian colleges may have already experienced sacrifice, albeit to a lesser extent than Jesus. For some, attending school as an adult may be the culmination of a dream that had to be postponed for many years in order to attend to work or family commitments.

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Others may have to make sacrifices in order to realize their academic and career goals. Although online education is certainly convenient, studying at an online Christian college may mean that some adults have to work fewer hours, which may impact their financial situation. Perhaps this commitment to education means that students will have to spend less time doing the things they enjoy in order to complete their coursework.

For adults considering going back to school, the decision can seem daunting. However, men and women of faith should remember that even Christ himself experienced doubt about God’s will. In the book of Mark, Jesus prayed to God in a moment of hesitation, saying that God could choose not to send him to the cross.

Specifically, Mark 14:36 reads “‘Abba, Father,’ he said, ‘everything is possible for you. Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will.'” Even though Jesus knew that God could end his suffering at the hands of the Romans at any time, he recognized God’s sovereignty and realized His will was to be carried out.

On Good Friday, there is much for Christians to learn from Jesus’ supreme sacrifice and gift of salvation. Making a commitment to following God’s will can seem daunting, but remembering the story of Christ’s sacrifice may inspire men and women of faith to go the distance and do what they need to do to serve the Lord boldly.

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