What are the benefits of general studies courses at online Christian colleges?

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What are the benefits of general studies courses at online Christian colleges?

For many adults, the decision to return to higher education is one that presents many questions. Identifying why they want to go back to school, selecting an online Christian college and choosing a major are all things that adults need to consider before they commit to any decisions. However, for motivated learners who do not want to waste any time getting back into education, general studies programs like the one offered at Colorado Christian University (CCU) are an ideal solution.

These programs cater to students who want to explore a variety of subject areas while earning college credits. Typically, these courses are offered at the associate’s level, meaning that there are few entry qualifications required beyond a high school diploma. General studies programs are an excellent way for men and women of faith to experience the benefits of studying at an online Christian university without committing to any one particular major.

As many online Christian colleges and universities are particularly well-suited to former military personnel, men and women of faith who have previous experience in the armed forces can sometimes use their skills and professional background as proof of prior learning, meaning it takes less time until they can earn their qualifications.

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General studies programs focus on diverse curricula, often featuring a wide variety of classes that may be useful as entry qualifications toward other courses of study. The Associate of Arts in General Studies offered at CCU provides the necessary credit hours for adults to earn their bachelor’s degree. However, as the curricula of these programs are typically quite varied, they can also be a great way for adults to study a wide range of classes and discover new areas of academic interest.

The types of subjects covered by general studies programs often fit well with the smaller, liberal arts-style educational mission of many online Christian colleges and universities. For example, students enrolling in the general studies at CCU will study classes such as communications, history, humanities, behavioral and social science, mathematics, natural and computer science. In addition to offering students a diverse and intellectually stimulating course load, this mix of subjects may offer adult learners a way to explore subjects they may not have had the chance to study previously.

Of course, as a leading online Christian college, CCU also offers students enrolling in its general studies program the opportunity to learn more about the teachings of Jesus Christ as part of the Biblical studies module. These classes enable adults enrolled in the program to further develop their understanding of the Bible and how the lessons within it can be applied to their everyday lives.

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